Primary Mirror: 250mm ellipsoid

Secondary size: 96mm spherical

Corrector: Three element multicoated

Focal Length: 1700mm

Focal Ratio: 6.8

Tube Weight: 13.5 kg

Back focal distance: 213mm from rear plate to focus

Tube: CNC aluminium and carbon fibre truss

Corrected field:  50mm photographic use and superb for visual



Not just designed for the astrophotographer this 10inch modified Dall-Kirkham is fully corrected with an F ratio of F6.8 with outstanding colour correction, making this perfect for full frame sensors and superb for visual work An over sized tube assembly with a wider rear cell  aid’s overall stability.  All CNC machined aluminium components, Carbon Fibre and powder coated. The back focal distance from the rear plate boats a generous 213mm which will accommodate almost all variations of focuser’s including filter wheels, off axis guiders and cameras.


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